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Fickle the heart
Needing contact
Longing in its absence
Please don’t let the tears emerge


Talk To Me

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Are you afraid of eye contact? – Don’t look away
Words escape us
Electronic devices abound
Simple lives vanished
Relationships change

Contact – Human touch so rare
Nearly unknown in our lives
Seeing – fear
Same basic needs
-We are

Secured within our own bubble
Unable to truly interact
To cope

Don’t simply pass me by
Even if you can’t look at me
Will you please….
Talk to me?

The Hanging Tree

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Walking up – there it stands in the distance
Majestic and evil
Bark worn away from the noose rope

Field stained with tears and blood
Screams of past terrors echo
Ghosts haunt seeking refuge

Branches creak in the wind
Carrying along sounds of bones snapping

Hallowed ground we stand upon
Envision wrongs perpetrated
By those hung – final breath exhaled
Rest in unpeaceful hell

Unholy Memory

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See now the darkness emerge
Frightened? Scared?
Oh – I shall scare you
Summon my evil
Arise from the depths of hell

Yes – dark dawning
Find you way amongst the screams
Allow them to lead you….

Come in….
Ritual commences
Candles black and white
Chamber aglow – Flickering
The dark lords summoned

Blood flows freely – washing clean
Vampires feasting – sanguinary fulfillment

Allow the evil spirits to surround you
Light surrenders to darkness
Peace surrenders to fear

See me you won’t
For I have vanished
Remaining an unholy memory


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Well worn path becomes unfamiliar
Holding on for one last grasp
– One last touch

Damaged and scarred
Once gorgeous now horrific
Fire burned and charred remains
Melted away – distorted

Hiding in obscure shadows
Swirling thoughts my only companion
Shall we dance amongst the beautiful ruins?

The rain falling
Wash away everything – spotless
Yes, please
I am truly alone – beautiful

Waves Of Paradise

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Horizon grasps the sun – pulling it down
Flickering candlelight glows against the illuminated sky
Hand in trembling hand
Silence of love drowned by the crash of the waves
Sandy rose petals wisped away
And morning mist floats as dawn peeks anew

Descent Diabolus

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*WARNING* This is a very dark and piece and contains controversial subject matter.

Worship paradise destroyed
Baphomet displayed
Weak and worthy wait to enter
They have done well
Fires warming fresh souls
Eyes of the goat flickering – Firegaze

Beast waits with welcoming arms
Caressing his next love

Evil lurks
Well of wonder
Submerge thy soul
Now baptized in blood
Cleanse the mindfucked
Perspective anew

So many atrocities
Does your God truly allow this?
Or simply hide?
Whom is being tested?

Questions asked
Answers awaited
For they never come

More souls arrive
Business is good
Torrent of screams soothed