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Descent Diabolus

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

*WARNING* This is a very dark and piece and contains controversial subject matter.

Worship paradise destroyed
Baphomet displayed
Weak and worthy wait to enter
They have done well
Fires warming fresh souls
Eyes of the goat flickering – Firegaze

Beast waits with welcoming arms
Caressing his next love

Evil lurks
Well of wonder
Submerge thy soul
Now baptized in blood
Cleanse the mindfucked
Perspective anew

So many atrocities
Does your God truly allow this?
Or simply hide?
Whom is being tested?

Questions asked
Answers awaited
For they never come

More souls arrive
Business is good
Torrent of screams soothed


Ultima Ratio Regum
Hunt the predator
Embrace the unholy
Prey upon the unintelligent – less deserving they are
Devour the weak

Failed conqueror
On his hands
Your blood

Sullen eyes rise
Destiny not deterred
Beseech him your mercy

You –
The weak
Condemn –
Your incapabilities
Which you fail to understand

The kingdom succumbs to evil
Murdered queen lies at the king’s feet
Worthless one takes a knee at the final moment

Vivere disce, cogita mori
(Learn to live, remember death)