Second Coming

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have deliberated about this for a time, and finally decided to put out a preview. No, I’m not close, but here is the beginning in rough form. I hope you all enjoy. Yes, it is very different from my poetry.

Prologue 1

It happened so fast. Kelly never saw it coming, the screeching tires and the dull thud of metal kissing. Everything came to a sudden halt, silence.
Burnt rubber permeated the air and twisted metal sat in the middle of the intersection. The heat was stifling. Kelly vaguely heard muffled voices. She struggled to open her eyes. Her vision was distorted by the blood running into them. She couldn’t bring herself to lift her arm up to wipe the blood away.
More muffled voices “…R..K..?” she couldn’t make anything out. What happened? Everything was such a fog.
As if from nowhere, the blood slowly started draining from her eyes, and her vision gradually reappeared. Things seemed clear now. She was in a wreck, a bad one. Look at all the blood!
She turned, startled. A paramedic was leaning in talking to her. He was a kind looking man, mid-thirties, dark hair, hazel eyes, clean cut. The kind of person she would definitely be attracted to.
“Hi,” she stammered, “I guess I was in a wreck. Is everyone ok?”
“Kelly.” How did this guy know her name? He put his hand on her shoulder. Suddenly she knew something wasn’t right. She never felt a touch like this. This touch was not ordinary. Was this? No, it couldn’t be. Was she dead? She hoped not. She certainly had been no angel, and would have a lot of answering to do. He doesn’t look angry, though. Maybe it’s not really him. Of course not, it can’t be. That’s not really true anyway.
“Yes, Kelly, it’s me. I’m real. No, everyone is not ok. Not right at the moment.” He never changed his expression. Keeping his hand on her shoulder and his gentle eyes fixed on hers.
“Oh my God, shit! Oh, sorry!” she caught herself immediately blushing and averted her eyes.
“It’s ok,” he laughed. “But I need to ask you a serious question, Kelly.”
Dread suddenly filled her being. “Uh, ok. Anything.” She was genuinely scared now.
“Don’t be scared.” He said reassuringly. “But I need to ask if you are ready to go with me.”
She shook her head, “You mean…?” She wasn’t ready to die. Why was he asking her? Wasn’t he supposed to decide these things? Just what the hell was going on here anyway? She must have really hit her head hard.
“Yes, that’s what I mean. I do have the ability to decide, but I want to give you the choice. I know you are good, Kelly. I know how much good you do for the people you love. Would you like to come with me, or would you like to stay?
Kelly started to cry, her mind was racing. She was completely overwhelmed. This was more than she could handle right now. But she knew she wanted to stay.
“I..I..w..would stay.” And she burst into uncontrollable sobs. The blood began running back into her eyes once again. Blackness.


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