Tales Of Truths Untold

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Tales of truths untold
Does the story begin…

Hidden secrets never known
For those who desire to seek
The interred answer awaits

Is it a Pandora’s box?
Lock the lock – throw away the key
Or open at your own risk
Inside resides a treasure
Spirit of the mystery
Enhancing the journey of destiny
Lack of knowledge – apprehension of unknown
Nearing, discovery held within
Striking a touch of fear in the heart

Shall we…?

On a barren wall hanging – single photo castle enchanted
Just outside the border of sight is where to look
Unclear vision – snapshot a moment in time

Our story continues…

Cool, damp mustiness of a secret passage
Single candle, pale flickering light – illumination
Rising smoke barely visible – rapidly fading into blackness

Now focus enters:

Fearful knights jousting – brute strength on display
Simpleton crowd roaring approval
Bold warrior – staring deep into the dragon’s eye
Before cowering away and retreating
Single tear of the jester – tortured soul
All inner strength channeled to amuse
Disillusioned wizard – misguided magic
Evil darkness demonic intent lurking
All hail to His Majesty! Corrupted King
Only virtue? Blinding beauty radiating the Queen
Her feigned attempt at innocence
Visible only to him
Full circle achieved – along the way…

Glimpse of fate
Life down an alternate path
Revealing chaos
Inhabitants scurrying
Seeking elusive happiness
Unattainable utopia

Ah, perhaps – a story indeed better left untold


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