Dancing With The Skeletons

Posted: February 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Moon shines dark
Cobweb maze abound
Closet doors begin reveal
Cemetery populated life arises
Skeletons emerge
Phrenetic tune plays

Dancing begins….

Bony hand reaches out grasping
Past reverting present
Gloved hands feel nothing
Numb to touch
Grip becomes tighter – drawing closer

Leaning in
Smell of fresh death upon its breath
Sensuous voice whispers hoarsely

“Welcome to the past reliving
Your worst fucking nightmares
You have brought forth reminded you
Pitiful fool
Revel in them.”

Indiscretions seen through empty eye sockets
Images project
Each story told repeatedly
Stabbing pain searing heart

Attempts at running
A tap on the shoulder
Another skeleton awaits
“Pardon me, may I have this dance?”

Spin – one partner to another
Each one smiling their own rotted smile
Their own story to tell
Tattered clothing flowing
Weaving gracefully amongst the headstones

Exhaustion – sweat dripping terror

Eyes open

  1. brian miller says:

    shit. all the more reason to leave my past is where its at and not go dancing with those memories…vivid and haunting….very well written….

  2. tashtoo says:

    time to switch up your partner…those days are done! It goes without saying I love the dark…but even more I love to see someone resurface from it…stronger…with their own truth in check…looking forward to the waltz…drinks on me to celebrate your return!

  3. heidi says:

    This was like all the scary parts of traditional Disney animations where the evil is real and terrorfying and still there is music and dancing and it’s all very disorienting. You have reminded me of all the negative self-talk I have ever heard (be it mine or others). How it is evil and seemingly relentless and grotesquely appealing (like Disney can be) and still very human. Very nice use of images.

  4. claudia says:

    oh heck…dancing with the past can be a frightening and painful thing…well spun..

  5. aka_andrea says:

    “Indiscretions seen through empty eye sockets” Stellar line! Beautifully done.

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