Posted: February 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

I prosper as one alone
Breathing sadness around others
Happiness by myself
I need not hear your voice to be at peace
Standing now hidden by my own shadow
Beautiful nightmares replay an abysmal life

I can run away to nowhere anywhere
Darkness reaches down to embrace me
I fall into its waiting clutches
Surround me silence with your song
We harmonize together alone

Deprive me not of solace
Leave only your scent lingering
I need no one around
Impede nowhere within my atmosphere

Living for no one – I can give you no more
Retreating now to my unavailable secluded sanctuary
Access denied

There is little left recognizable
Cage the happiness release the sorrow

Reaching out now ceases
Relinquishing touch for the last time
Those who never extended their hearts
Spoke volumes with their absence
I return the compliment with mine

I recline now to the rhythm of the rain
Blending with the crashing of the waves
As the sky touches the sea – combining separately

  1. aka_andrea says:

    I love this. It could be my life, and sort of is. Thank you.

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