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Tears Of The Birds

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hallway scattered with toys

A bike in the yard

Toy truck lying broken and alone – child playing on


All he wants is love – lacking

Returning for more

All now he’s known

Too terrified to scream


Little one please know

Pain, hurt you shouldn’t feel

Oh dear God – what the fuck have you done?


A droplet forms….


Grave is dug


Mother buries her son


Tears pouring rain

Final snowflake falls silently without pain







Pointless to ask

Simply life

Character shall grow


Your soul flies away looking down

Freedom you will find

Forgiveness may not


Mortals denied a final goodbye

We cry tears of grief

Birds beginning their solemn ascent

Your soul now at peace


The tears fall from their eyes

Deluge pounding

Hate falls away

Sun glistening tears of the birds

Light of a love never shown