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Colorful Darkness

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Stars darken the sky

Lunar glow

Blinding array gray to black

Guide nearer to nothing


Dancing alone – swaying

Shadow holding on

Grip tighter

Deafening silent tune song complete

Passionate embrace vanished instantly forever


Corner beckons

Fetally cower

Grasping memories

Dissipate slowly

Fog through fingers

Cry away happiness

Goodbye – see you never


Flowers dying

Black roses become ever vivid

Ahh….darkened heart prevails

Spiral the depths


Kaleidoscopes and rainbows of blackness await

Welcome to my world

It is peaceful

It is lonely

It is wracked with pain

Ache is consuming

Oh….writhe in it

Become one

Shun the former




Eyes open awaken new






May 2012